Saturday, August 21, 2010

Denim Blues

I've used this setting before with rhinestones in the round part, to give it some bling.

While I was painting the faux handpainted porcelain stones, I thought I'd try one with a blue tint with this setting.

I like how it turned out, I think it would be nice with jeans and a denim jacket, sort of casual dressy.

This one has the same sort of dark blue color, set in an oval bezel. My daughter says this one is her favorite. Her birthday is coming up soon, hmmmm....

I'm having a good time, combining the metal tones with painting the colors.

My hubby, the in-house tech support, got my personal (and very old) laptop connected to the internet here at the house now.

So that I'll be able to read your emails, browse blogs and keep in touch more easily.

He keeps all the electronics purring around here!  (Oops! He installed a new driver and it broke the internet access to the laptop ... hope it gets fixed eventually, oh well)

The studio doesn't have telephone, cable or any TV reception, and no internet.
Is it a wonder I get so much done when I'm over there? You'd be surprised how much time the computer can eat up!


Oh, and today is my turn to do Studio Saturday on the Art Bead Scene Blog - there's a giveaway if you respond to the post comments! Pop over and check it out ...

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jenny said...

I see what you did there ;)