Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lorelei Eurto

Lorelei Eurto's "Fleur" Earring Design

I think everyone would agree that Lorelei Eurto is a wonderful designer. 

I love it when she uses some of my components.

I was looking through her shop recently, and thought I recognized some charms. Great colors, I thought to myself.  Why, yes, they were my fleur de lys charms - and made into such charming and lovely earrings!

Now that I have more time, maybe I will give myself one day a week to make some finished jewelry pieces. Without guilt ...

Lorelei, thanks for using them in such a colorful and beautiful way!

Remember how much trouble I've been having with spam posted to the Comments on the blog?

This morning I noticed that Blogger has enabled a spam blocker. Isn't that cool? And it seems to be catching the foreign language spam that was causing me so much aggravation.


I need to spend some serious time re-vamping the look on the blog, too.
Soon ...


Lorelei said...

Hi Lynn!
Thanks for the shout-out sistah!
good news on the spam blocker- FINALLY!!!

Spirited Earth said...

lovely..both your work and lorelei's

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Thanks for everything you do, Lorelei.

And Yes, YAY Spam Blocker!!!

Stacie said...

Lovely collaboration! I've linked to your post at

Best regards!