Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Three Hearts

Next spring, I want to plan flowers around the house. Maybe a rose bush, too.

The old house was vacant for a long time before the renovators fixed it up. It has lovely trees in the yard, and azaleas. But no flowering annuals. And it's too late this year to get that started.

I want to plant marigolds and zinnias. Maybe some four o'clocks and morning glories.

That could be what's inspiring this new set of faux porcelain handpainted hearts.

I've got the old time flowers in my head, dreaming about next spring. And they're coming out into these floral designs.

My grandmother's yard always had climbing roses and honeysuckle. She had to trim them a lot to keep them under control. I grew up in North Texas, near the Oklahoma border, it's not that far north of where I am  now.

She also had canna lily plants. I will have to see if I can find some, to start out in the yard. Maybe they can go in this fall so they're ready next summer.

This pattern reminds me of colorful shasta daisy flowers.

But maybe it's a marigold bloom, golden orange color. If I can't grow them this year, I'll make my own with paint!


Just a mention here of something I hope you never need to know.
When you set up your Etsy shop you provide an email address.
If you ever have to change it, because for example you are MOVING and your old existing one won't be there any more - Watch Out!

There is more than one place where your email address gets entered on Etsy.

Do not, repeat, do NOT, let your Etsy billing email and your PayPal email address get out of synch.

I accidently did. And I'm very, very sorry.

I think it's fixed now. I thought that just changing my mailing address and my email address in one place would change it across the site, but it doesn't.

For your payment options, there's another place with an email address.

Since it's been a several-day learning experience, with emails to Etsy support and hand generated invoices from PayPal, I thought I'd share this with you.

(And YES - once I found the place where I needed to change the email for the billing address I did see the big red warning not to let them get out of synch!

But if I had seen the warning I would have been in the right place to change it in the first place, LOL.)

This has been an Etsy - PayPal Public Service Announcement.

Oh, and PLEASE don't let this hold you back you if you are wanting to order something. I promise I'll get this worked out as quickly as possible.

The beads and clasps really want to go home with you, for sure!


Spirited Earth said...

lovely hearts,glad you are getting settled into your new place.
i'm not sure how far north you are..but cannas roots are very hardy.
down here fall planting( of a variety of things) lets the roots get established so when summer hits they can take it..
i see a trip to your garden center in your future.

SummersStudio said...

Oh dear, what a more than little night mare to get all of your email address reorganized. I would never have thought of this. I planted my canna in the fall from starts from someone elses divisions. Covered them with mulch and they were fine. Those little hearts with floweres are sweet!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

I've heard that cannas are hard to kill, which is a good thing where I'm concerned!

I especially like the red ones, but the yellow are nice, too.

Trish said...

Thanks for the heads up Lynn! I caught sight of the new clasps while I was looking at your blog and I love them!!! Hopefully the problem is all sorted out now!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Trish, You are my Lucky Charm! Yours is the first order in a few days that has gone through without a glitch, did you hear me hollering WOO HOO from here?

Thanks - the only way to test if it's fixed is when someone purchases something!

IT WORKED ... fingers crossed it stays fixed.

Beatnheart said...

Beatiful new work Llyynn. I do hope all is well in your new home...what a fantastic change for you!!

I LOVE color! said...

Thanks for the public announcment for free smiles. I am so pleased that you are getting settled into your new home and I am sure your yard will come along as well. First things first. Be Blessed

Andrew Thornton said...

Thank you for the Etsy PSA.

And good luck with the flowers. They bring me so much joy. I can't imagine living some place now without a garden.

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Hi, Andrew. I was thinking about you yesterday! Hope your summer is going well.

Cynthia, I want to do everything at once! Of course I can't, but I do think about gardens and flowers.

It's been horribly hot here the last week - wish we'd get some rain to cool things down.