Monday, December 13, 2010

Fleur de Lys Gray

I made this sweet little fleur de lys necklace on Saturday, it was an order from a neighbor for a gift.

It's sparkly and light, not too long. Should match almost anything, with a faceted crystal bead and gray glass stone beads.

The fleur de lys is a big favorite around here, as you might imagine. You see them everywhere, on gates, street signs. Even bumper stickers.

I put a length of crew chain at the end of the necklace, so it can be adjusted longer or shorter. and I finished off the chain with a little star glass bead, to hang down for some bling when the short end of the chain is fastened.

I may make one for myself, too!
Gotta blend into the fleur de lys background, right?


Beverly Herman said...

It's beautiful Lynn!

Angel.Pearls said...

Lovely creation!! Eva