Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kirk in the Wood

A couple of people have told me that they plan to use this round, sculptured button replica, from an original loaned to me by Deryn Mentock for casting, to create ornaments for the home and tree. One of them is Heather Powers, and today on Art Bead Scene blog there's a free project - what timing?

I can really see that working, with the church and trees in the background, so detailed. Check out the beauty that Heather created, she's a wizard.

With a handmade hook at the top for hanging on a bough, or a detachable hook so it can also be worn, when the season is over.

Why is this bead called "Kirk Wood" - the history of the word "kirk" is interesting. 

There is a church on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland called Tron Kirk. It was built in 1637-47, and was closed as a church in 1952. It was briefly a tourist information center, but as of 2008 it is unused. When I visited Edinburgh with friends, I spent several evening hours walking around the town from the Castle and back to the flat where I was staying, having gotten very lost. It was before the days of GPS and guidance of that sort, and I saw a lot of the town that the tourists probably don't see. I finally found my way back to the Royal Mile, and from there back to the flat. It was a kind of adventure.

The word "kirk" is a noun, meaning a Scottish Church, especially as the Church of Scotland is distinguished from the Roman Catholic Church. 

The word originates around 1150-1200 ME, from the initial kirkja "church," of the Old Norse. In Old English it was "cirice" church.

This is the gospel of labour, ring it, ye bells of the kirk!
The Lord of Love came down from above, to live with the men who work.
This is the rose that He planted, here in the thorn-curst soil:
Heaven is blest with perfect rest, but the blessing of Earth is toil. 
-Henry Van Dyke


Heather Powers said...

Thanks for sharing this Lynn. Your readers can check out the Art Bead Scene today for a free project using your Kirk Wood pendant!

TesoriTrovati said...

So delightful! I love learning the little factoids about this. So much more meaningful. And that button is tops in my book!
Enjoy the day!

Something Sublime said...

The perfect name for my little button! You've done such a great job with the casting, Lynn. Heather's ornament is lovely, as well!