Thursday, February 3, 2011

Deep Cold

This might not seem cold where you are.
But it's definitely considered cold here.

Things are closing here, even though it's not icing or snowing YET.
Just the word 'SNOW' is a big deal here in Central Louisiana.

Oh, but pay no attention to those numbers on Sunday.
If you see those, I'll lose all sympathy, I'm sure.


Heidi said...

HA HA HA!!! At least you're getting some snow. We got like, 10 minutes of sleet down here in NOLA and everyone was all excited ;) But we'll be in short sleeves by the weekend...

SummersStudio said...

Hi, Lynn. I have sympathy even though we are even colder here. My frozen kitchen pipes just started to drip after 36 hours of heating the space under the sink.

Tee, Hee. This is the second time today I've gotten an applicable word verification. Mine is subjoy.

Gardanne said...

You are right you lost me as soon as I got to Sunday. It was 4 this morning in upstate NY. No really I feel for you, we are well prepared for snow and cold.
Barbara Lewis is in Tucson and she has no water in her hotel because of frozen pipes.

NuminosityBeads said...

2 degrees here this morning in southern AZ just 8 miles from the Mexican border. So it's even cold for this Alaskan snowbird and yes, frozen pipes too.
xoxo Kim

Alice said...

No sympathy from me (just kidding). But seriously we woke up yesterday to 15 degrees below zero temps. And I didn't even want to know what the wind-chill factor was. While the sun did come out it was too cold to melt any of the snow and ice. We'll get hit again this weekend.

I hope everyone stays warm and safe!!!

I LOVE color! said...

Yes! it is cold Llynn and where you moved from ! We are iced over with 2 more inches of snow and everyone is upset because the SUOER BOWL is being played here this week-end a records set. Oh my
Be Blessed

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

I am SO SORRY to hear about all the frozen pipes - oh what a mess that is. I think my daughter's house may have some pipe problems, fingers crossed.

The power keeps going up and down here this morning.
The tree out front is coated with ice, but it's above freezing now so it's drip-drip-dripping.

Oh I hope you all get power and water back. Those two things are so important!

I'm sending warm thoughts - does that help???

And yes, I confess to grinning slightly when I saw what Saint Louis temperatures and snowfall were. Not nice, I know. But I'm not sad I missed it!!!!