Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pink and Pretty Sunday Blooms

The first signs of spring at my house.
The azaleas on the side of the yard are blooming.
That side of the house faces the south, so it gets the most warmth and sunlight.

The house is yellow, with white wood trim around the windows. That helps the pretty pink buds and blossoms to show up so well. I wish I could claim that I had something to do with them, but they were here at the house when we bought it. Wonderful colors!

It's almost time to mow the grass for the first time.
Happy Sunday to You!


Beverly Herman said...

My azaleas are in full bud. I love the fuchsia blooms.

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Hi, Beverly - it's odd, that one bush is in full bloom but the one next to it hasn't even started yet. And the big one in the front yard hasn't set buds so far. I'm happy to have this one! I didn't own the house until April last year, and when we closed the azaleas were in full bloom. So this one is an early starter or something!

Michaela said...

These flowers are just gorgeous!