Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baby Blue Birdcages

Last weekend, I sewed up this little outfit for my granddaughter.
It's a halter top and little skirt, for the warmer weather that's coming.
The fabric is a soft blue color, with silhouettes of birds and birdcages on it.

Here's a picture of the halter back. I used a purple plaid for the lining, and it has straps that go behind the neck. So the size can be adjusted as she grows.

The halter back has elastic in it, so it's stretchy and will hug her as she gets bigger. Maybe she can wear it all summer during the hot weather. Her third birthday is coming at the end of August.

The fabric for the straps, pocket and lacy frill on the bottom reminds me of the old style vintage tablecloths you used to see. I wanted just a touch of nostalgia, to go with the quaint birds and flowers in the blue fabric.

Along with the halter top, I made a little straight skirt she can wear under it. As she grows, she will need something to cover her legs while she runs at the playground.
Elastic is a wonderful thing in kid's clothes! Makes them easier to fit and sew.
Next, I want to make some summer dresses for myself.
And maybe some maternity tops for my daughter, too. 


Alice said...

Oh how darling! Your grandaughter is very lucky!

Holly said...

Goodness, this is just a precious, super sweet outfit! Lucky granddaughter!

Suz said...

What a great combination of patterns. That is just adorable!

Beatnheart said... talented. You really have a about about making some big girl clothes