Sunday, February 19, 2012

Red Ruby Rose

I have a couple of days off from the day job coming up next week - President's Day, and Mardi Gras Tuesday. Yes, I have the day off to celebrate Mardi Gras! I've been ramping up the studio, and I plan to spend the free time over there, working on some projects. I am working on my bezels - trying to improve the look of them, and make them easier to cast. Experimenting with the molding, and how I make the mock-ups in polymer clay, to give them a more finished look, while still keeping the hand-crafted overall feeling to them. I realized that I haven't done any resin or polymer clay work for a while. Some folks have emailed me, asking if I would be doing any soon, and that made me realized how long it's been.
     Part of the hold up is that there's no heat at the studio, and neither resin or polymer clay work well unless it's above 70 degrees F - which it hasn't been for a while.
     So in the next few days I will be showing some new work - hopefully both resin and polymer clay! I'm excited about having time off from the day job so I can spend some uninterrupted time in the studio doing creative things! 
     I rearranged the furniture in the studio so that I have a set up for the resin, and then the following days were all cold and wet and I couldn't do any resin pouring. Speaking of pouring, it has been very, very wet here the last week or so. The humidity has made the paper curl! 
     If you celebrate Mardi Gras, I hope you have a fun day - and Ash Wednesday the next day, as we head into the Easter season. 


Barbara Lewis said...

Wow! That is a gorgeous piece!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Thanks, Barbara! It's a look I haven't created in a while, and one I'm working toward reproducing and making more often. Thanks for the kind words!

Now I just need to get the camera set up and do some photography, so I can share what I've been making...