Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rosaire Saint of Lourdes

     Happy Saturday! Even though it was a short week, with Monday and Tuesday off work, I thought I would never make it through the week and get to Saturday and the studio. It's plenty warm and sunny around here, and I have plans for a major resin pour today. I have my fingers crossed for some great focal pieces. 
     Along with re-creating some of my bezel molds, I've also been working on some of the more figurative and decorative medallions, making them easier to finish and visually cleaner. This Rosaire is one that I worked on this week, and I just love the worn look on this patina. I don't always have control over the patina and how it interacts with the metal, and this one is especially nice, I think. I'm going for a worn, dark look in the pewter, or a bronze-coppery look in the highlights.
     This medallion was a loan to me by a lovely friend, Diana, on the west coast, who found it in France and let me take a mold from her original. It's a little tricky to clean up after casting, with all those quaint points and indentions, but I just adore the look of it, so it's worth it.
     This is another loan of a medallion, this time from Deryn Mentock, who sent me the original. I don't know if the original is contemporary or vintage, but I loved the shape of it. It's another one that's slightly tricky to clean up after casting because of the lovely undercuts and round points. I re-made the mold for this one to make casting it cleaner and I'm very happy with the details that came out on it.I'm experimenting with adding color, to make those points around the outside bright red - we'll see how that works out!
     The original that this charm was cast from was also sent to me by Deryn Mentock. I've been meaning to mold and cast some for a while, and finally got that done this week. The original was definitely modern, and possibly italian in style, but I wanted to give it an old fashioned look, and darkened the color. I think these will be great for earrings, they're small and lightweight. I was able to capture a lot of the detail, fortunately.
     I'm headed over to the studio today to get more things finished. If the weather holds, maybe I'll ride the bike over.


sharon said...

Stunning, beautiful, gorgeous!! Love!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Wow, Sharon - thanks so much!