Sunday, March 25, 2012

Four Square Language of Flowers

      I like to collect old books from the 1800's, with poetry and literature in them. I have an old book, published in Chicago in 1884, titled "Language of Flowers" by Mrs. C.M. Kirtland (illustrated). In those days, especially in England, courting couples communicated with floral bouquets, the flowers themselves having meanings. There was symbolism in the choices of flowers that went into the bouquet, secretly speaking to the giver and the receiver of the gift.
      In taking the antique images from the french design book and turning them into these dainty square pendants, I thought I'd add the meanings from "Language of Flowers" for each. In this pretty pink square with two white lilies, the White Lily stands for PURITY and SWEETNESS. 
      Sometimes I have to interpret what type of flower it is, so this one I saw as a dogwood, the white flower with the yellow in the center. In "Language of Flowers" the dogwood blossom stands for "DURABILITY."
      Ivy by itself stands for "FRIENDSHIP. FIDELITY. MARRIAGE." and an ivy sprig with tendrils, like these, stands for "ASSIDUOUS TO PLEASE" in "Language of Flowers."
         This last one seems regal to me, with its dainty pansy flowers in pink, yellow and blue. The pansy flower stands for "THOUGHT" in "Language of Flowers."
    Since Easter is coming, I thought it would be nice to have some spring flowers on pendants. After April 1, no fooling, I will do another GIVEAWAY with these four square pendants. 


TesoriTrovati said...

ooh! Yes! I love the language of flowers. I love the meanings associated with the blooms. And that pansy is the best one yet. I am off to shop...again!
Enjoy the day.

Alice said...

Beautiful pendants! I love the idea of flowers having diferent meanings, which sound so romantic!

Heidi Post said...

Lynn, these are beautiful! I'm still barely into the last batch I got from you. I think I'm going to have to get some of these flower pendants!!!!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Thanks, friends! I spent my Sunday afternoon over at the studio, cooking up new bezels and new images to put into them. I am enjoying the resin pieces, they add such color to the pewter. A collaboration between hard and soft - they compliment each other. Nice!

It encourages me so much when I get your feedback - then I have a better idea of what is catching your eye!

sharon said...

These are incredibly gorgeous and I love the square shape soooo much! The images are so romantic and make me feel so good. The interpretations make them all the more special.

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Well, bead buddies, I guess these four will not be part of the giveaway, since some of you have nabbed them for your own already! What a wonderful thing, I love when it happens, it lets me know my eye is matching up things the best way I can.

Never fear, though, I'll make four more different ones, and put those into a giveaway after April 1.

You all are the BEST! you've helped bring my month of March to a marvelous place. THANKS!

Unknown said...

These are just so beautiful! I just snatched up several of the round floral pendants but I really love the rectangular ones too. Lynn, I hope you will make more of the rectangular ones so I can get some of these beauties too.
I just love this new collection you are doing!!!

Unknown said...

I love these floral pendants! I just snatched up several of the round ones. Lynn, I hope you will make more of the rectangular floral pendants as I really would love to get some of these too.
What a great collection!