Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Textbook Eggs

      I ran across these hand-colored drawings of eggs in an old german textbook. I can't read the german, but I thought the egg images were fascinating. I used to collect old books, and have one on german grammar, but these look so unique. So I had to use them in my round bezel.
     This one has great looking speckles on the egg, and the shape looks hand drawn. It would be super to find an old naturalist's journal, with plants, flowers and animals cataloged in it. I put them in the Etsy shop - and the April Sale is on until the end of the month. Use the coupon code I set up for you - it's so easy!
     Don't forget to post on the giveaway - it's still open, and I'll be closing it soon and announcing the winners. Right now, the odds are pretty good - so add your name to the list.
     I'm excited to share what Lorelei Eurto created with one of my rectangular pendants! Check it out - it's super cool, love it.


Debbie said...

Another great look old textbooks too! I had a look at Loralei's gingerale necklace...wonderful.

Debbie said...

Got my pkg today and I couldn't be happier with everything! The floral bezels are drop dead them all. Thanks so much for the gift...much appreciated!!!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Thanks, Debbie. You must keep a close eye on the Etsy shop, you seem to know when new things are posted! I appreciate the kind words and the support.

And yes, Lorelei's gingerale necklace is wonderful - wish I had it to wear!

Debbie said...

You are my favorite Etsy shop and you're in my list of favorite shops. You probably feel like I'm looking over your shoulder, LOL!