Monday, November 26, 2007

Traveling With Pink Wheat Knitting

Or Finding Out How This All Ends Up
Almost done with the pink wheat sweater body. The great thing about knitting from the top down is that, with waste yarn through the knitting, it can be tried on for length and size. Making decisions about how long to make it and what kind of cabled or ribbed bottom to put on it. Another great thing about knitting from the top is no seaming, when the bottom is bound off and the sleeves are finished it's ready to be worn. Car knitting is restful while riding when someone else is driving.

It's called the pink wheat sweater because of the pattern chart in the center back of the sweater.

Click on the small image of the chart on the left for a larger and printable view.

The central twists look like a wheat sheaf facing opposite directions. This one is being done in washable wool in a very pale pink color. The sleeves are still on holders as the body is being done, then stitches will be picked up from the underarms and the sleeves knit in the round. Fast knitting, the reductions in the sleeves mean fewer stitches as the cuff gets closer. Starting at the collar, adding the shoulder saddles and sleeves, all while knitting across all stitches in the round.

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