Sunday, January 27, 2013

Playing Around

Happy New Year!
Yes, I know that January is almost over. It's been super busy, what with the holidays, and all that. I know you know, too. I took a break from creating for the Etsy shop for a while, and worked on handmade gifts and lots of cooking projects. Making jam, sewing, all kinds of things.

My granddaughter on a recent visit to the zoo. "Grandma, take my picture riding the crocodile!" She's wearing a granny square vest that I made for her - she likes lots of color!

My grandson, watching me feed the Koi fish. While trying to figure out how to escape from the stroller. He has learned to walk, run, climb ladders and slide. He is afraid of nothing. I follow him carefully when he climbs with his sister at play park.

So what has happened since I last wrote?

I have changed jobs - new law firm, new type of law, new part of town, new people. All good stuff.

My husband and I got iPhones. Yes, for almost three years I was off-line. Now my daughter and I text again, like we used to.

We picked, cracked, shelled, roasted and froze almost 50 pounds of pecans from the trees in our yard.

I broke out the knitting needles and crochet hook again, after a long time away. I have a lifetime's worth of yarn and projects to work my way through.

I started making homemade yogurt just about every week - it's so much better than store bought!

We stocked up on our pool supplies, and got a solar heater for the pool water, to try to start the swimming season a little earlier this year, maybe.

My daughter, granddaughter and I went to "Hello, Gorgeous" to get haircuts. My hair is very short now.

What hasn't happened? 

We didn't travel at all this holiday season. We just decorated the house and stayed local.

We still haven't replaced the doggie we loved and lost. We just give extra love to everyone else's pups.

I didn't keep my promise to myself to go to the gym several days of the week - my new job is further away from the gym and a lunch hour isn't long enough. Still working on figuring that one out.

I didn't put the garden completely to bed this year. I planted cool season plants, and have tomatoes in hangers that I can move inside a plastic semi-greenhouse when the night temperatures drop. I'm still picking tomatoes, even in January.

And what comes next?

More time with family.
Getting back to the studio, now that it's warming up again. And giving it a MAJOR spring cleaning!
Working on the garden beds, to get ready for spring.
Finishing the last six pounds of cracked pecans, to put into the freezer for baking and candymaking.
Trying out the cheesemaking kit I got for Christmas - homemade mozzarella cheese!

And of course lots of other, everyday regular things.
I'll try to take more photos (the iPhone helps!) and post more often this year. And keep up with other blogs I read, to see what's going on beyond my garden fence. I'm sure you know that a new job takes up a lot of mental activity and time, and spending time with family and gardening take time. I'll try to share more of it here.

What have you been up to?