Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Sunday Sunshine

      The weather wasn't too bad in our area, here in Central Louisiana. Thankfully, we got some steady rain, some wind, but nothing destructive. My new rain barrel is completely full now!

     This is my grandson, enjoying being in the swing. He is walking now, and it's so cute. He holds his arms up like he's holding a balance pole - just a little bit tippy still. But when he falls down, he laughs out loud. 
     Here is my granddaughter pushing her brother in the swing. She had a hard time figuring out exactly when to push, and when to back away so she didn't get clobbered by the swing. 
     It's sunny and 90 degrees warm here today. I'm headed over to the studio to make up some orders. But I got a great bonus - the kids' daddy hooked up the electricity to the air conditioner compressor again - so it's cooler at the studio again! YAY!

     I hope everyone in Louisiana gets past all the damage and flooding from Hurricane Isaac soon! And thank you all so much for your encouraging words and thoughts, while we waited out the fate of the weather front.