Tuesday, April 7, 2020

It's Nice To Have Fabric Stashed Away

I tend to buy fabric at stores in two-yard lengths when I find something I like, even if I don't have an immediate project for it. That is coming in handy right now, as I sew face masks for family for grocery trips and other times when they have to go out in public. I also buy the large spools of thread, so I should have enough to use, because I think all the suppliers are either closed or out of stock right now. 

I downloaded two patterns recommended by hospitals, but they obviously are not pattern-writing experts, so I am altering them a bit to make them more sewable for me.  And since elastic is now as scarce as hen's teeth, I used a 2 1/2" wide jelly roll to make ties on each side. 

The little space in the house where I do crafting was all set up for cardmaking, but I put all that away and set up for sewing and serging so I can make more masks.  Hopefully as I do more of them, they won't take as long as this first one did.  I have now learned that I don't sew as well at 8 pm as I do at 8 am, probably true of most things but definitely true of sewing.
I have a rolling chair that's elevated to be higher than the desk height of this table, to try to minimize back pain and to allow me to roll around to the ironing board, sewing machine and the serger. 

And a big jug to keep hydrated!

Sewing masks makes me feel useful while locked down in Louisiana, so that family have a way to protect themselves and others.

Hopefully this lock down status will ease up soon, but I think at that time the masks will be even more important as the State transitions back to regular times of work, shopping and church.

Back now to the sewing project.  By the time I've made all I plan to do, I'll probably know how to do them!