Monday, November 26, 2007

Traveling With Pink Wheat Knitting

Or Finding Out How This All Ends Up
Almost done with the pink wheat sweater body. The great thing about knitting from the top down is that, with waste yarn through the knitting, it can be tried on for length and size. Making decisions about how long to make it and what kind of cabled or ribbed bottom to put on it. Another great thing about knitting from the top is no seaming, when the bottom is bound off and the sleeves are finished it's ready to be worn. Car knitting is restful while riding when someone else is driving.

It's called the pink wheat sweater because of the pattern chart in the center back of the sweater.

Click on the small image of the chart on the left for a larger and printable view.

The central twists look like a wheat sheaf facing opposite directions. This one is being done in washable wool in a very pale pink color. The sleeves are still on holders as the body is being done, then stitches will be picked up from the underarms and the sleeves knit in the round. Fast knitting, the reductions in the sleeves mean fewer stitches as the cuff gets closer. Starting at the collar, adding the shoulder saddles and sleeves, all while knitting across all stitches in the round.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Good Morning Louisiana

Present Times of the Moment
Keep thinking of the song lyrics 'blue skies, smiling at me, nothin' but blue skies do I see' as the hope today is for good weather, sunshine and lots of smiling people. Big trips and lots of revisits of old relationships. Life changes happen measured in days and even in hours. Good to count blessings and look back on times and people past with well-wishes given and received.
Peace. Bliss. Pax Matrimonia.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Folkloric Rows and Bands

Stripes and Blocks
More rows last night on the folkloric. Trying to decide whether to knit a solid color to wrap under the bottom of the bag or make two sections and sew a heavy duty cloth bottom on the bag. Leaning toward a cloth bottom to keep the bag easier to clean, since the bottom gets more wear and tear than the sides.

The cotton bulky colors are fun to combine and since it's a made up pattern it's a matter of reaching into the bag and pulling out the next one to use. The knit fabric will be washed and dried before sewing into the bag sides to make certain there's no shrinkage or other problems like colors bleeding or migrating. At the present the plan is to finish with the same black and gold area on the other side.
Liking the results so much, it may turn out to inspire a full sweater or vest with the bold shapes and colors.