Saturday, December 1, 2007

Glass Houses

Tiny Charms for Christmas Ornaments To Be Polished

Made these engraved glass panels this morning to put in for the 10% sale on Etsy for Christmas ornaments. The ones on the right haven't been polished and buffed to a sheen on the silver yet.

The engraving on the glass is subtle, will be hard to photograph.

Plan to offer some embellished and ready to hang in the window or on the tree, and some just as panels if others want to use them for jewelry components or to create their own ornaments with them. is doing very well, the portfolio there is getting some attention and the feedback is very helpful. Lots of talented and impressive people of all genres on that site.

The Etsy-Bloggers Street team are offering 10% off, and these little ornaments are my contribution to the Etsy Street Team Christmas sale.

Love these little pieces, very fun and new to make.

Finished off with a crystal dangle and a tree hanger with an ornamental bead.

This one is going on the tree downstairs, hanging right in front of one of the lights on the tree.


Cindy Forrester said...

Lynn love the ornaments they are so unique.


Margot Potter said...


These are exquisite. Truly.

Thank you so much for sharing your link, fabulous!