Monday, March 31, 2008

Back From the Tour

Parlez Vous?
Life history and background is beginning to show up in the work, with the french images and words, and sometimes in the photos and descriptions. Spent early childhood time living in France, started grade school there. Apparently, like the language, the images and impressions are still there somewhere.

Don't request a translation of any french novels, but ordering a cup of coffee can most likely be handled. Made a trip years ago to Quebec, reminded very much of Paris.
The travel bug must be biting, now that it's early spring. (am resisting the obvious reference to April in ... you know)

On the left is a vintage image from a travel poster for the Cote D'Azur, the Azure Coast of France.

On the right the small charm says something in french about the fifth anniversary of a party for the Arts Continuum- in french; and it's so small you can't really read it in the etched glass, but it also says "Belle Pont de Neuf," beautiful bridge nine or something like that, on the tiny glass box on the right. Seeing a pattern here ... informing the creativity and the imagination. Interesting!

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