Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Coffee, Tea or Pearls

Cocoa Chanel Pearls

These dark chocolate-colored pearls came out of the dyeing process last night and the color is very rich, deep and warm.

Putting together notes of the recipes (using the word 'formulas' sounds too scientific) to be able to reproduce the colors, nearly enough. Each pearl is slightly different, variegated, which is great and looks more vintage and natural than the costume pearl white they started.

Making small batches of these 8mm pearls now, these have a definite purpose in store. Can't part with these, want to make a new ID lanyard with them, the one in daily use now has white pearls.

Will use with red-tone wire for the wire wrap and possibly the brass sparrow charms that came last week in my order from Santabarbaradesigns on Etsy - don't know if there are more, these caught my eye because of the unusual shape. Will drill one hole just below the left wing for the lanyard leash to attach, then use the wings to attach the pearl wire rosary wrapped chain links, so the ID will hang down without unnecessary neck rubbing.

Having to wear an ID daily could be more fun with a lanyard leash made with these round cocoa bean pearls, don't you think?

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Heather Powers said...

oh, the dyed pearls are great! I love that vintage appeal. Thanks for the mention yesterday. I had to hunt to find what those pearls are called, my local source had no idea!