Tuesday, April 1, 2008

PolyClay Gossip - Who Knew?

Just a big welcome and thanks to Heather Powers, the CraftGossip Polymer Clay Editor, for the mention on the blog and the pointers to the Belle Armoire Jewelry Article for Spring 2008. Just found out about it and was so excited, want to learn more about the group! Do drop me a reply, or send me comments to let me know you were here. Heather has a great tutorial on using her polymer clay beads on her blog, and a fantastic Etsy site called Humblebeads.

So excited about having guests in the blog, feel like tidying up a bit, dusting things off!

In that spirit, here are links to some poly-clay specific blog entries - almost like taking a guest on a tour, please stay for tea and cookies! Make yourselves at home. I can't wait to meet you!

Buffer and Image Transfer Post
Sanding and Polishing Post
Image Transfer Examples
Research on Image Transfer
Polyclay Tools and Studio


Lady Val said...

I "found" your blog through her link. Lovely place you have here!

Heather Powers said...

Thanks for the link back, that was sweet of you. And look how you decorated, with great new pc links for us to gander at!

LLYYNN said...

Hi, Heather and Lady Val, so glad you came by. And Heather you are a great promoter of the arts, I am in your debt.