Friday, April 11, 2008

Scene of Creativity

It's All There Somewhere
A view of one corner of the studio, showing the very messy desktop, the daylight lamp over the desk for working early and late with true colors. The doors conceal storage for even more beads and supplies. It is possible to be so organized that nothing can be found easily. Purchased some vintage skeleton keys, know they are in the room 'somewhere' but can't locate them at the moment. At times, have spent too much time looking for things, sometimes just have to let them emerge on their own later.

Nice to have things out and ready when time is available. Sometimes only 30 minutes a day but having things out and visible maximizes the time.

Like working on a tray, makes it easy to move things and take to another room, portable. Have an old (calling it vintage sounds too fancy for this) metal box with a lid that also is portable. To use during waiting room, oil change and other downtimes.

The desk has cabinets and drawers, and the rolling desk at the back has a large bottom drawer for the dremel, buffer and other tools to be stored in.

Lazy susans for tools are great, have two on the desk. One with cubbies for jewelry pliers, scissors, rolls of wire. One flat one with spray bottles, gel medium and things like that. Just reach over and give them a spin when something is needed. Reduces the clutter - at least some of it!

To check out creative workspaces for other artists, look up On-My-Desk blog - people post photos of their work areas, creativity from all over, not just jewelry artists but all kinds of creative folks.

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