Thursday, April 17, 2008

Macintosh Style

This is the Macintosh Glasgow bead that reminds me so much of the style in the Glasgow School of Art. The dark, coppery color, the style of the lines.

Not made specifically to be a replica of something from that style. Once it was made, the similarity struck and stuck.

Lightly sanded and buffed, to bring up a natural sheen. Lots of patina and wear marks, to resemble an antique.

Tried to focus in on the detail, the bead itself is small, with the triple loops to act as a connector.

Could see it used in a lariat, or connecting several strands of pearls or copper beads to a long stranded dangle.

Trying to get a Main Showcase on Etsy today, supposed to open at noon Eastern Standard Time. So now that daylight savings time is on, how does that work? Is it over, was it missed - or hasn't started yet. A little confusing. If you know - post a reply, not sure what is the answer.

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