Thursday, April 24, 2008

Time For Time

Beads Galore
Made a while back, from some canes in polymer clay, with over sized holes for stringing on leather or knit cord. Had them strung and wore them for a while, now waiting for inspiration to strike on how to re-string them. Wonderful thing about beads, they can be re-worked if the mood strikes. Something new made from the same beads, combined in a new way. Always loaded with potential.

Took a day for spring, for flowers and light rain and walking, very nice and inspirational. Now have images of tulips and daffodils and baby tree leaves in mind. Want to make an old-fashioned locket with flowers on it, and maybe pictures of tulips inside.

The images from nature are very inspiring, now to let the mental images down to the fingertips and out into an actual piece of jewelry.

The interesting thing is not that the technique, medium or method is learned, but the expression to be made with it. Not to know how to do something, with polymer clay, metal, glass, wire - just to know the technique - but to have a vision of what to do with the results of the technique. The creative process, of bringing something to existence that wasn't there before, except as a mental picture in the mind of the artist or craftsman. Giving creativity permission to make something from the materials, that wasn't there before.

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