Saturday, April 26, 2008

Venus Four Ways

Backlit the glass really shows the enameled image embedded inside, the translucent fused and beveled glass looks a lot like old gemstones. The heavy chain adds weight, as the four glass gems make a large focal pendant. Like the way this came together.

While making it, was thinking of a story of a sailor out on the sea for months, going to exotic places and gathering souvenirs and putting them together into a necklace for his sweetheart back in his hometown, picturing the day he would give it to her and explain all the charms, beads and gems picked up during his time away.

Might not be for everyone, a standout piece, but very unique and special. Have been planning for quite a long time how to use the enameled fused beveled glass pieces, wanted to keep them together in one visual combination.
Later will mix up the metal etching solution if the weather is nice, all the research reading says to do that outdoors and wear lots of protection for hands, eyes and clothing. Would be good to write up the safety rules for metal etching.

Eye protection - goggles
Clothing protection - leather or vinyl apron
Skin protection - latex gloves, long sleeved shirt, no open toed shoes
No metal containers, plastic only
No metal tongs or tweezers, plastic or bamboo only
Cover work surface with plastic
Have baking soda (neutralizer) mixture handy at all times
Don't breathe fumes, only use outdoors
Don't pour residue in drains, will eat plumbing and septic tanks
Always add acid to water! Avoid splashing
Keep away from pets and children - label clearly and keep locked away

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