Thursday, May 8, 2008

Architectural Tiles

Grand Old House Tiles

Older style houses facinate, and make great images. Have photographed victorian houses with all their gingerbread trim in black and white to show all the great lines and shadows; have done some drawings of interesting buildings in colored pencil.

These tiles are in the prairie style with the clapboards, round attic windows, dormered roofs and painted lady colors.

They are not quite finished, have to be sanded, buffed and have the findings applied, but they are so fun.

The largest one is a front door with a round window. Really like houses with doors that have round windows, and the trim around the door.

The middle right tile has a round attic window in it, terra cotta color. All four have compatible colors, kind of muted earth shades. Don't know yet what will be made with these, could see them used in collage or mixed media as a component, or added to a jewelry piece as a focal tile.

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