Saturday, May 3, 2008

Metallic Harmoniac

Optimum Conditions, Situation Underway

No rain, not too hot or windy. Prepared some brass sheet with designs and images in resist, sanded both surfaces of the brass and cleaned it well before applying the resist. Also have sheet copper to try later.

Donned the protective gear (goggles, vinyl apron, long plastic gloves, long sleeved shirt) like suiting up for a deep sea dive. Covered the outdoor table with heavy vinyl plastic. Located the plastic tweezers, measuring glass container for liquids, large container of clear water in case of spills.

Mixed up the neutralizer first, in a large plastic shoe storage box, and set to one side.

Made sure the bottle of acid was sitting securely on a flat and sturdy surface that was covered with vinyl. Carefully opened the undiluted acid and quickly put the lid back on it, as it did generate some strong fumes. Whew!

Then very carefully mixed together the etching solution in another plastic container with thick walls and very tight waterproof lid; added the acid to the water (always add acid to water and NEVER the other way around to avoid potential heavy bubbling and explosive acid spills).

Placed the prepared pieces of brass sheet into the etching solution, not more than two minutes each. Then, using the plastic tweezers, pulled it out and doused in the neutralizer and rubbed baking soda powder on the metal, then placed in the large container of clear water.

The results are very interesting and aged, polished with the dremel and polishing compound before buffing, resembles old book plates or brass labels on shelving in old museum or library buildings. Like the results. Plan to make some more with smaller designs and create round charms for the jewelry.

Talked a while back about creating replicas of instruments and navigation tools like astrolabes. This etched brass piece looks like it could have come from a nautical instrument or sundial. Lots of ideas come to mind for using it together with fused glass gems and copper wire.

Could see setting a fused and beveled glass gem in the circular emblem at the bottom in a bezel setting. Like watchworks, the insides with gemstones set on the movements. The ideas are buzzing. Have to get back and try some more while the creativity stream is flowing.


deedledumpling said...

OK, this tops them all. Have only etched brass once, but you are a queen. I am coming to get a lesson from you in July when I visit.

LLYYNN said...

Hi, Deeledumpling-
Be sure to bring an umbrella, it has been very wet! Good to see you on the blog, look forward to meeting you in July.
LLYYNN - lynn