Monday, May 26, 2008

Tidal Moon

Dapper Moon

Finally got a chance to use the new dapping block. Still have lots of plans for other things to do with it.

Took metal sheet and cut a circular hole, then cut the larger circle around it, dapped the circle to make the concave semi-circle, set it aside and moved on to other projects.

On the last trip to the home state after moving to the midwest, picked up a carved ivory moon face as a memento, very peaceful looking with great detail. Had used the original to make a mold and created a natural bone-colored replica with nice color variations.

The two pieces stayed on the workbench for a while. Couldn't quite decide how to use the moon face, wanted to do something special with it. It sat on the workbench until on a whim it was randomly placed inside the dapped copper piece. It fit! And gave an interesting look to the moon face.

This is the result, very pleased with the accidental pairing of the two pieces. Even though it would seem to be more flattering to say it was carefully planned, designed, sketched and executed, sometimes the inadvertent combinations are the most interesting and fun.

It took the urgency off doing something fancy, special or premeditated with the little face. And it was kind of fun that the two pieces fit together like a puzzle.

She has her elongated wire pagoda hanger that allows for swinging on a neckwire or chain, and a loop at the bottom attaching a tiny real seashell collected on the Galveston beach years ago. Then it occured to me that she is the emblem of the tidal moon, that pulls the waters of the oceans.

The cupped back feels like the piece is an orb with a face, the rounded metal back giving it a different physical feeling than if the face was flat on a setting or embedded in a handmade brass box. All in all, like the results very much.


Also got the first burn in two years, reached across the workbench and accidently touched the new soldering iron. Even though the burn was small- about the size of a pea - immediately put the hand into ice water to minimize the hurt and hopefully lessen the blistering later. Lesson learned yet again, be aware of all areas where heat is being used whether it is kiln, torch, soldering iron, toaster oven or even hot liquids like pickle solution. Will leave the burn open to the air today, then put a bandaid on to protect it. Will have to wear a latex glove on that hand to keep it out of flux cleaning solution and keep water from the glass grinder off the burn.

Reminder to self -
Be careful with hot tools
Practice the safety rules.


Tea Rose said...

Gorgeous piece! Is that the real ivory moon in the picture or the replica? It looks like there's a metal rim around the outside edge of the moon, but I wouldn't think either ivory or polymer clay (I'm assuming the replica is polymer clay?) would play well with the soldering iron.

LLYYNN said...

I suffer from a bad case of PSS or 'Precious Saved Syndrome' where the original beads become too dear to actually use, so this is the replica taken from the mold. And I agree, ivory would not like the heat, I've tried even to use mother-of-pearl buttons with the torch and they do tend to get scorched a bit.