Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lampwork Shopping

Shopping for Provisions and Supplies for expeditionD

Went to the Glasshopper Studio today for more fine silver wire to keep going on the link fusing. Got some more 16 gauge and also some 18 gauge, to try making some delicate silver links with the thinner wire (remember, the bigger the gauge the smaller the wire - backwards).

While there, had to check out the lampwork bead selection and bring some back to use in special jewelry designs.

The large one at the left looks like a seashell, quite a large glass lampwork focal bead. This will be so fun, want to combine with some pearls and make something very summer beach looking; and the beautiful little bead in the front, don't you think that one needs to be hung sideways with the hole showing so those beautiful colors will be seen? Those two were made by Leslie Leipziger, she's going to have a few classes this summer for making the lampwork seashell beads.

The grouping of colorful beads on the right were made by Daphne Runge at the Glasshopper Studio. They have a real fabric design feeling to them, like batiked cotton or hand-painted silk.

The colors are brilliant and gorgeous and the shape, kind of a flattened pillow shape, will be nice to use for earrings. The little lavender heart will go together well with some gemstone beads and crystals, feminine and delicate.

This group of three lampwork beads on the left was found in a basket by the register, it was irresistible picking through the loose beads and finding some shiny little treasures.

Not sure what they will become, but the colors were fresh and summery. Love the turquoise band around the middle of the little off-white bead, and the clear coating and depth of the aquamarine dotted bead. Like looking through water in a swimming pool on a hot summer day.

Glass is so vivid and has such a gloss and vibrant color. These are reminders of bright summer zinnias or marigolds, cheerful and colorful, out in the garden.

Debbie Carroll of Austin, Texas featured one of the enameled glass beads from the expeditionD site in a beautiful Etsy Treasury today, that's so neat. Only the second Etsy Treasury one of them has been in so far.

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