Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Before Heather Powers at HumbleBeads provided encouragement to sell the beads unfinished, not as completed jewelry pieces, the thought had been that no one would want just a bead, they would expect something finished and wearable.

When the site was opened for the beads, findings and components there was still doubt about whether the beads could be on their own.

If that had not happened, this piece would not have happened. This is the necklace by Lorelei, with chain and etched metal by Jennifer Stumpf.

The round, faux enamel crusader bead was made as a connector, antiqued and a faux gem embedded, and Lorelei took the different pieces and gave it her signature touch. (Lorelei provided the photo, thanks!)

There is so much collaboration in the air, want to mention one more. Wandering around looking at etched metal pieces and happened on Jen Warden's website, an artistic travelogue.

Lorelei reviewed the book 'Semi-Precious Salvage' by Stephanie Lee, it's a favorite and also came recommended by Jennifer Stumpf. Learned from the website that Jen Warden, a mixed media artist, is doing a month of June self-workshop, going through the book and doing the projects one at a time, working her way through the book. It's in the Reference section of books listed on this blog, if you are looking for it.

It's a pleasure seeing the beads finding their finished shapes created by the hands and creative minds of others. Sometimes one creation speaks so definitely that it is made up into a final design and put on the shop as a completed piece. But it is even more exciting to see another artist use a creation and have it take a completely different, unique and beautiful shape.

Don't you love that necklace! And what a great-looking focal bead. Especially with all the hands and creativity it passed through to become the finished necklace.


Lorelei said...

3 talented ladies = 1 beautiful necklace!
Couldn't have done it without you J and L! Thanks!

Heather Powers said...

I'm a huge fan of Lorelei's jewelry designs. What a great piece. I'm happy to know that I helped spread the creativity!!!

j.p. said...

You really are very talented and inspiring!!

Jennifer Stumpf said...

it couldn't have come together any better! let's collaborate again, shall we? :)

LampworkDiva said...

I'm happy Heather convinced you to offer your "unfinished" beads! Lovely piece from the beads to the design. Bravo to all!


LLYYNN said...

Yes, I'd love to do it again and on purpose this time, even though the surprise was nice.

Yes, I owe Heather a lot. Don't know what was holding me back, but once she gave me a little push it freed me up to let loose.

So glad she did!