Saturday, June 7, 2008

Voice to the Story

Have several beads and jewelry bits to put on Etsy, then plan to spend the day trying again to make chain links. The rainy week seems over now, so the liver of sulphur can go outside with its stinky self and work its magic in the great outdoors.

Have had two ideas returning consistently through the week, want to try to create something that is speaking to me. The hints are that it is optical and magical, childlike yet scientific.

This four points bead is an example of the type of navigation instrument tools that the imagination is leaning toward. With the compass rose emblem and the heavy links of metal, like something eighteenth-century that has passed its prime but still has facination in the imagery.

The idea of something with a purpose, maybe replaced now by technology, but evoking feelings and sentiment related to the days of its creation.

Especially find scientific or navigation tools, watch parts and cogs, to be interesting shapes. Now that most things are digital, quartz and have no visible moving parts, the older technology seems quaint and mostly just visually interesting instead of a vital part of daily life.

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