Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Three Bags Full

Bags, jars, tins.

Full of glass beads, natural colored and hand dyed costume pearls.

Like candy in a candy store window.

It's inspiring just to see them, intermingled in the jar, poured out into the lid of a tin.

Rustling through them with my fingers, feeling the shapes, visually sorting them.

Waiting to combine them with the focal beads, the faux-tiques.

A fleur d'lis, an ancient-looking crown pendant. A replica enameled pin, a faux carved stone lotus blossom.


Lorelei said...

Check out my blog. I blogged my beautiful new necklace you sent!



LLYYNN said...

HOLLA BACK! Wowzers and Zingers! You are too good to me, Lorelei, I feel like a celebrity - XOXO

Amanda said...

This post is so visually pleasing - I love looking at beads. I close my mind around them and imagine running my fingers through them.

These pictures are just so stunning - they're arranged well, and of such high-quality!

LLYYNN said...

Thanks, Amanda! Spoken like a true visual person and artist!

Something else that's fun to run your eyes over and your fingers through are buttons - I have an entire peanut butter jar full of old buttons and sometimes I just pour them into the lid and sort through them. There was a fabric store in Kansas City (sadly, no longer there) that had a huge wooden bowl by the register just full of orphan buttons. It was irrestistible ...