Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Color Lines, Color Wheels, Color Outside the Lines

Pinwheel Rainbows

I love color. I'm enjoying mixing and testing these colors.

Don't these little hearts in a circle look like flowers?

When I travel, I take a little plastic pouch with a child's set of watercolor paints, an inexpensive plastic brush, and colored pencils. To be able to draw or paint something, if a stunning image or fun design shows up, but not so fancy that my ideas dry up against the stunning whiteness of the page, unable to make any marks.

These little colorful hearts remind me of that paintbox. Very unsophisticated, pure colors. Luminous.

Butterscotch. ginger, claret, merlot.

Candy apple, persimmon, toffee, cinnamon.

Coffee, rum, cocoa, licorice, mint.

The words bring up memories of the colors, smells and tastes.

That's what I think of when I see these little colored hearts. The colors of the insides of a candy store.

The researchers say that the sense of smell is directly linked to memory. When I see these colors, I experience the memory of scents.


Amanda said...

I'm glad you aren't going to let those blues make -you- blue!

Half of the time I can never smell, so I can't vouch for scent tied to memory in the grand scheme of things - although the smell of fall does remind me of when I first met my boyfriend. I associate music with memory moreso than scents and colors, possibly because I've had more exposure to being a musician than an artist.

It might be more clunky than appealing, but looking at those heart pinwheels makes me think about how beautiful they would be as a focal if you strung them in that pinwheel shape.

LLYYNN said...

Blue is close ... I almost got the blue I am looking for

You know the color of the ice deep inside a glacier?

The bright blue color of a bird's egg with the brown speckles?

The color of the eyes of a siamese cat?

Almost there ...