Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Coppertones and Mahogany Shades

Yesterday I talked about an historical type of porcelain.

Here are the beads inspired by the lithophane.

Not backlit like the porcelain but with a polished glow.

The light shades glow, after sanding, polishing and buffing.

The dark mahogany reddish browns, the coppertones, ambers and the deep ivory cream tones.

Some with a matte finish, some polished to a bright reflective sheen. Like enameled copper or maroon glassy tints. Interlocking knots, floral swirls and delicate patterns in the beads, highlighted by the color in the depressions.

My interpretation of the lighted lithophane, in circular and oval disks, in large and small square tiles.

Ornamental, decorative, very vintage looking style. Like ceramic porcelain disks and squares.
Looking time-worn and much-handled.

They would be great set into findings, or as an oversized button closure on a knit bag.

Both front and back are patterned and colored, to make them reversible in a design. All of them have double horizontal holes side-to-side for stringing or wire work. Maybe for two strands of dyed costume pearls, or hand dyed bone beads. For two strands of seed beads, or ceramic rondelles. To use as a clasp for a closure, or the focal bead in a design.

Deep brown, amber, ivory and cream. They remind me so much of old leather bound books, the kind with the tooled leather designs on the front. Brown and aged, smooth from handling. The deep toned ones in old libraries.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...


LLYYNN said...

Those are good colors for my little auburn-haired beauty, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Will you be selling these?

LLYYNN said...

I will be listing them as loose beads on the expeditionD art bead and I want to make some pieces with them for the jewelry listings at lynndavis.etsy.com shop - to show my ideas about how to use them as clasps with loops of wire and strung seed beads, for inspiration - got some suggestions or ideas?

Amanda said...

Okay, let's try that last comment again, except this time, with grammar!

Those are beautiful! I believe I see a sort of Celtic knot on some of those beads... they're very earthy, and very enchanting.

I may have to look into buying a few when I start making some money! How marvelous!

LLYYNN said...

Amanda, here's a hint ... go back a few posts and if you put a comment on my sale announcement there's free shipping on the purchase ... maybe that helps some

I really enjoy the feedback on the beads ... ever make something you like so much you don't want to part with it? I've got a handful of them

HINT Jewelry Design said...

Love the colors, and the feeling of layering. Great patterns too!

Fanciful Expressions said...

They are beautiful. I need some of those. I metalsmith and they'd be great placed in my chains. When you put them up on Etsy I don't think they'll last long.


Anonymous said...

They are luscious. They have this "deepness" to them. That's a weird term, but it's what popped in my head when ogling. Yes, a rich, elegant, deepness.

LLYYNN said...

Fanciful, would the 2-hole configuration work with your idea or do you think I should make some with just one hole - or maybe just disks without holes, for setting into bezels, I'm open to ideas.

Sonja, I like the idea of deep colors and rich layers.

I'm trying to think of a name for the 'look' for the titles of the beads, and lithophane (although unique it is a bit cumbersome and question-provoking LOL) is not quite right, if ideas come to you please share

Melissa J. Lee said...

These are warm, beautiful colors. They remind me of sitting in front of the fireplace on a cold night.

LLYYNN said...

Melissa, I like your picture better than mine, I seem to think in terms of food, like cinnamon, hot chocolate - you get the idea, I've got edibles on my mind - LOL