Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dragonfly, Hummingbird, Butterfly Wings

Hummingbird feathers are irridescent, and many colors. Blues, greens and hints of purple. In other things in nature, blue-green shimmery colors show up.

Butterfly wings, and some beetles, have a sheen to them, that shows their glistening color in the light. Refracting and reflecting back the light that lands on them. Dragonfly wings have that look.

Very ancient japanese porcelain vases and cups used for the tea ceremony have that characteristic too, of translucence. The play of light on the surface, the color like the sky or deep pure water. The light goes through the crackled glaze, bounces off the whiteness of the porcelain clay body underneath, and goes back to your eye, making the porcelain surface appear to glow with an internal colored light.

These little heart shapes are more color test tiles, deliberately sanded and buffed with wear, to bring out the light and sheen.

The newest colors. The elusive, transient colors.
Azure, like the ocean in the tropics.
Like the sky after a rain storm.


lynn1231 said...

Wow, gorgeous colors! I can't wait to see what you do with these.

Amanda said...


The blues are AMAZING!

LLYYNN said...

Finally! the greens are greenie and the blues aren't purplish!

It sure took long enough, and lots of midnight hours.

One night I accidently ruined six color tiles and had to throw them out. You wouldn't think getting a nice baby blue color would be such a task?

Fanciful Expressions said...

The colors are so yummy.


somethingsublime said...

Hey Lynn, these are beautiful! Would you email me? I have some photos to send you...

LLYYNN said...

I want to come up with some names - denim, forest, jade, mint, etc - for these color swatches so people can say - I like the JADE color instead of 'the third bird from the left' - LOL - I have given them cryptic alpha-numeric names like B-1 and BL-3 - so watch for a chance to help me name that color and win a bead