Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Name Stones

I'm trying to come up with a phrase or name to call the lithophane-inspired beads. The word lithophane means 'image in stone' or I have also seen 'vision in stone' - if you have a name suggestion that I choose, I will send you one of them as a thank-you!

A lithograph is a type of printing that uses a lithography stone and drawings with a type of pencil or crayon with grease that the inks cling to.

Also found out that the word 'lithophane' is the name of a genus of moth. So there are some terms there for winged creatures that might be an idea.

A dagguerotype is also a vision in metal, etched into copper or zinc.

Any name ideas for the tiles, squares, ovals and disks?


Lorelei said...

The museum that I work at has a whole collection of daguerreotypes, and they are MEGA creepy!
I am diggin' your new blog background! Very pleasing to the eye. Hmmm, maybe I'll change mine!

Amanda said...

You know... it never occurred to me to look it up, but while I was reading "One Hundred Years of Solitude" by Gabriel García Márquez, I kept wondering what a daguerreotype was, whenever it was mentioned. Now I know!

I can see your dilemma with naming the beads... I can't really think of anything that seems suitable. All that comes to mind is overdone tripe, like "Litholicious!" Or "Lithophany!"
And while saying those names out loud gives me a chuckle, they're not particularly inspiring. :P

This will give me something to spend my time pondering. I hope some other people make good suggestions!

jenny said...

Fimolith. When do I get mah bead?! :D

LLYYNN said...

Litholicious, you made me chuckle too! Sounds like a soft drink or a kind of sponge cake treat ... maybe I'm just hungry.

Lorelei your blog is perfection but if you are in the mood for a wallpaper change, I say go for it!

Jenny, my dear daughter, you will get a bead for your birthday coming up if you want, and you can pick it (that means ONE, I know you love multiples so I'm getting in front of that) but Fimolith sounds to me like a huge stone somewhere like a monolith - a Stonehenge Bead - boy that's a mental picture isn't it?

Thank you all for giving me ideas, something will come to me - I need to list some of these vision stones and they need a special name, don't stop suggesting

Stacie Hoo said...

How about lithophane legerdemain?

Your work is so exquisite! Thanks for sharing the photos and inspiration.

LLYYNN said...

Stacie, I'm glad I didn't have a mouthful of cola when I read your suggestion, made me laugh out loud ... love it!

Then I had to go look up legerdemain (sleight of hand, prestidigitation) or from the french leger de main (lightness of hand) - I take this as a compliment as a conjuring trick in beadiness, as one definition is 'a show of skill or deceitful cleverness' and being skillful and clever is a good thing

Amanda said...

I think "lithophane legerdemain" is a pretty cool name! Nice job, Stacie!

After saying it to myself all last night, I've decided that litholicious is not just a sponge cake treat. It's a word whispered between lovers.

I think the only reason it's begun sounding like that is because I once had a friend who thought that "gingivitis" sounded like a seductive word. And you can do that with litholicious. You know. With the "licious". Er. Yes.

jenny said...

Yeah, fimolith sounds like monolith to me, too :D Well, I figured I'd play along, though, since you said there'd be a bead as a reward! I'd hate to usurp an unfair advantage of being the daughter of the creator (hahaha, like I'll ever feel bad about that, MINE!!) :)

I like what you've chosen to name them, of course!

LLYYNN said...

Jenny, you always have been my strongest supporter and the one it was hardest to get things away from - LOL

Some are listed now on Etsy with color names so you just go look, I figure the ones that are auburn-toned are the most likely your favorites

Lith does mean 'stone' so probably a monolith is what - a single stone! and a Fimolith is a polymer clay stone. A really, really big one

Pandorasfork said...

I just tumbled onto your blog ~ your work is lovely : )

some silly ideas to giggle over:

phantiseerox ~ sounds porno! HA-HA!