Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dove in Flight

After a storm, I often hear mourning doves coo-coo-cooing.

This little folk art dove reminds me of them.

My thoughts are with those on the Gulf Coast who are wondering how they will move on, what comes next.

Take heart.
Take wing.

This is a dove of remembrance, a dove of peace.


HINT Jewelry Design said...

What a lovely message to those on the coast. Thank you for sharing it.

LLYYNN said...

I was listening to the radio on the way in today, they were interviewing people who are in shelters in Brazoria and Houston. Just heartbreaking. Makes you thankful for the simplest things. Water, a bed to sleep in, hot food.

Amanda said...

I wish that aid came faster to the people in the Gulf. It always seems like so much more could be done.

And then I feel guilty for saying, "Well, my life won't let me pack up and leave to help them right now."

Your sympathy and well-wishes for these people are touching things. So many other people have simply "gotten on with their lives" and already forgotten about the tragedy on the coast.

The dove is beautiful.