Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gifts of Treasure

Went to the post office yesterday for the first time after leaving for the trip, and found a package. So exciting, couldn't wait even until I got to the car to open it up. A gift from Heather Powers at Humblebeads, this fun bracelet, and some earrings ... ooohhh ahhhh! Love the copper and the disk beads, and with so many colors it will match lots of things.

Which is good, because I know I will be wearing it often!

Thanks, Heather. It's so fun to see your work close up and admire the beautiful colors and textures. You are a very creative and talented lady!

Want to see how another creative mind is putting the lovebird bead to use? Check out this post on Deryn Mentok's blog, there's a great picture of a new piece using a bronze colored bead - so innovative. I wouldn't have thought of it, even though I dye yarn and fabric myself. Check it out, it's great, love it!

Went to the supply depot on the way home also, to pick up some chain and paint brushes. I use very inexpensive brushes for some things I do that are hard on the brush, no sense destroying an expensive bristle brush. But that also means I have to buy them pretty often, another reason for getting the lower priced brushes.

On most things I get the most high-end tools I can because they last longer and give better results, but having paint brushes I can toss when they get scraggly works best for me.

I finally got caught up on my sleep and don't feel like I'm wandering through a fog. Hopefully I can do some more jewelry work since the focus and concentration are better today.

I tip my hat to all of you who are balancing family, personal needs and the urge to create. How do you manage to keep everything going? Do tell your secrets to sucess, or share some 'things to avoid' and how you find time, energy and the well of creativity to draw from ...


somethingsublime said...

Thanks Lynn! I love my birdies... :)

LLYYNN said...

That's such a great treatment, and the colors are terrific - I predict a flock of compliments headed your way!

Amanda said...

Your gift from Heather is so pretty!
This is probably the part of the piece that merits the least attention (since the beads are so unique themselves), but my eye was instantly drawn to the clasp, because of the contrast. It looks so finely made!

Deryn Mentok's necklace with your bird bead is so exceptional! It made me think of nesting - all the various piece of fabric beneath the little bird.

What sort of things do you use your paintbrushes for?