Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bead Liberation

I got some ceramic beads from Gaea a while ago, and I've been rolling them between my fingers, trying to decide what special project would be the one to use them. What could I create that would do these beads justice?

Gaea started the idea of the jewelry exchange, and I got to see some more of her focal ceramic beads on that piece, too. They are all so great!

It's not like I couldn't get more of them, I know I can. But I've been hanging onto them, wanting to use them in a really unique project.

Here's a hint of what some of them worked into. See the gorgeous baby blue star bead under the little brass bird? The two yellow crackled beads at each wingtip? and the purple glazed bead on the clasp. Yup, those are all Gaea ceramic glazed beads.

I needed those colors to work with the piece I was making, and I decided it was time to pull out those beads and put them to use.

The holes are nice and large for big wire, wrapping and making the clasps and hangers.

And the colors and crackle texture are so fun and pretty, don't you love how the blue pooled around the star? The back of that bead is a lovely crackled blue color.

Want to see the whole design - go look at the necklace here - and if you want to see more of Gaea's beads go to her website or her Etsy shop.

I find as we head into the end of the year and the days get shorter, I must be already thinking ahead to springtime, after the winter is over and the days begin to lengthen again.

Do you have certain 'special beads' you are hoarding - I mean hanging onto - waiting for just the right project? How do you decide when it's time to pull them out and put them to use, and how do you part with them?


Lorelei said...

Oh yes. Countless numbers of hoarded beads. I'm a complete pro at this.
I just used (FINALLY- AFTER MONTHS AND MONTHS OF HOARDING!) one of Gaea's heart pendants last night. The mood just strikes. I really never know what I'm going to work on when I walk into that bead room!

LLYYNN said...

Ooooh, I'd like to see the heart bead. When I saw the post on Gaea's blog with all those round beads she was preparing to glaze and fire, my eyes lit up - BEADS! YUM - gotta have ... it's an obsession.

Terry said...

Hoarding definitely seems to be a problem of mine. I just keep buying (and hoarding) more beads!! I think I'm in the wrong end of the business ;-)

LOVE this project!!!!! Yummy.

Amanda said...

Hell yes.
Your beads are among those, as is the wonderful Skele'Bonz focal that I received from Cindy Gimbrone. I'm just waiting for the right beads to come along to make something great with them...

I think the charm is so adorable and appropriate in this necklace! It goes fabulously with Gaea's beads, and with the bird. (:

LLYYNN said...

I do think, though, that we know when 'the time' to use a bead has arrived, when the piece is special or the design calls for just that one bead - and the bead / charm / clasp looks like it was MEANT to be there, used that way.

Ok, so now I won't talk about that Anne Choi bead I've had and haven't used yet, or the Green Girl charms ... LOL

UberArt said...

Oh yeah...I'm a terrible hoarder. Not just beads, any cool art supplies. Those beads are really pretty! I don't blame you at all for wanting to hoard them!