Thursday, October 9, 2008

Glasgow Following

A while back I put a photo of my pendant bead, made in the spirit of Charles Rennie Macintosh, based on a trip to Glasgow several years ago and a tour of the Glasgow School of Art, on Flickr.

After I posted it on Flickr, I got an inquiry, very polite, would I be considered to have my photo as part of a guide to Glasgow. I thought, sure - that would be fun. But they probably don't realize that my photo is of a piece of jewelry, they think I took a picture somewhere around the actual Glasgow art school. Figured as soon as they found that out, my photo would be just as politely 'declined, with many thanks, best always' etc.

Imagine my surprise, they are using my necklace photo as part of the attractions photos for the Glasgow guide, in the section under the Glasgow School of Art. I'm facinated and thrilled, and still somewhat amazed. If you follow the link, you'll have to click through some of the photos to find mine, I couldn't find a way to send you just to that photo. Or you can go to Flickr, it is a link to that photo.

Fun, surprising and interesting! Travel has unforeseen benefits!

(This is the original photo on Flickr)


2 If By Sea said...

What an honor, Lynn! Congrats

Amanda said...

What fabulous publicity, and what a nice thing to be featured in! I think it's a great showcase of your skill at merging inspirations from real life into creative and unique art pieces! And hey, perhaps this featuring has boosted your sales! ;)

Coral Southwell said...

That is very cool!

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Awesome, Lynn! I wanted to click on your Flickr but couldn't find a link on your page to it? Would love to see it!


EmandaJ said...

I've been to the Glasgow School of Art too -- a true WOW experience. Mackintosh style is such an inspiration! Old-fashioned and yet very modern. Love the pendant and love the way you mentally link to your travels and inspirations.

Gaea said...

How cool!

LLYYNN said...

Yes, the Glasgow School of Art is a facinating building, and the city is wonderful, I was lucky to be there during their huge art fair, what a show!

The link to the original photo is here:

wendyhumphreys said...

Well of course you were chosen!
You work is wonderful, I love it.
It is such a treat to be recognized
you must be so proud.
Wishing you all the best:)