Friday, October 10, 2008

Slow Track, Slow Train of Thought

Look at this photo, with the trains, the horse and carts. The old cars.

Don't you think the pace of life had to be slower, when vehicles didn't go more than ten miles per hour. When the speed of communication was the tip-tap-tic of the telegraph wire.

When people wrote letters by hand instead of emails.

I guess I'm feeling pushed, stressed by the rapid pace of life, the hurried sense of extreme change.

It makes me want to slow down, do something that takes time. Develop photographs from film, or take a paintbrush and watercolors and make marks on paper. Do something that makes me feel connected to the world in a measured, more human pace.

Do you ever feel like that, like the river of life has become a flood and you are swimming as fast as you can, trying to keep your head up high and stay balanced until you get through the rapids?

What do you do when this feeling comes over you?


Cindy Gimbrone said...

Love the picture, Lynn. Is it NYC? For some reason it looks like it. I too am feeling overwhelmed but I think our predecessors would disagree that their lives were somehow slower. So with that in mind, I think you should take out your watercolors anyways and paint away!

Hopefully things will slow down for you so you can catch your breath!


LLYYNN said...

I think it's Chicago, but I'm not certain, it could be NYC. You're probably right, Cindy, back in the day they spent a lot more time doing things just to survive. We just do things so much more quickly now. I worked on some collage today just for fun. Thanks, keep your fingers crossed for me! and I'll keep you in mind too.

Amanda said...

I do understand what you mean, at times. I have a tendency to get overwhelmed a lot... and I always feel like I can't take my time anywhere but at home, because the world is so fast-paced. At restaurants, shops, anywhere, I try to be as quick as I can be when I pay, so I can get out of everyone else's way. I walk briskly (most of the time faster than other people). God, in New York, I felt like my head was going to explode - I was compelled to move on fast-forward speed.

But I like to sit down and do slow things sometimes. I like to make lists by hand. I love the feeling of writing things out, indenting and organizing and color coding by hand instead of hitting tab and clicking the mouse a few times.
(This is dangerous for keeping track of my jewelry books because despite how much I enjoy making these lists, I procrastinate on making them a -lot-, since they eat up time.)