Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Copper Beeches


There's a Conan Doyle story, one of his Sherlock Holmes series, that I like to read sometimes. It's about a girl who sits with her back to a window, dressed in a certain colored dress that's not her own, acting as a governess. She has a specific coppery color hair, which she is asked to crop short. After considering the money she is offered, she accepts the position.

It's so true to Doyle's time period, writing about the end of the 1890's and the beginning of the 1900's, as things were changing in his country and the world.

Can you imagine a girl hesitating to crop her waist-length hair? Or being willing to sit with her back to a window for an hour during the day, being told funny stories to make her laugh, without wondering what was going on? Or it being a fantastically surprising thing that a young woman knows how to ride a bicycle and does so without an escort, all on her own?

These little pendants were made with that idea in my mind. The lady with the solemn expression. The time-worn looking brooch pendant. All with a dark coppery patina.

I haven't decided whether to make some jewelry of these, or just list the beads and pendants in the ExpeditionD shop for others to create with. They would make nice jewelry, or I can see them as holiday ornaments, looking very vintage and flea-market find special. I just finished them this morning.

To me they look like they just came out of their paper wrappings after being stored carefully away ages ago in an attic trunk.

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