Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Double Word Triple Score

Furniture, boxes and extension cords.

The workbenches and toolcarts I use are all on rollers, industrial casters. In the upstairs room that is now an office, the room only worked when configured one way, because of windows, closet doors and doors to the hallway.

So nothing rolled around much up there in that space, even with the rollers on the furniture.

But in the new basement space, the former office turned studio space, it's just an open rectangular space. I have room to roll.

And while it's liberating to be able to change the arrangement freely, it also makes me have to stop and really consider.

How do I work?

What is my pattern and flow - will some things work while others will slow me down. Am I a straight line arranger or a diagonal - or a mixture of some of each.

The photography space is set up, so I can begin the fun process of photographing the charm swap items before they go out, to show them off in all their creative beauty.

And the computer and internet connection are hooked back up, my resident networking expert did that for me, before going back up to his new office space to hook up his own computer.

I'm enjoying the process of setting up this new work area, and the challenges and little obstacles of freedom it is bringing to my attention.

How do you decide how to arrange your space, do you always have certain tools stored in the drawer by your right side, because you will reach for them there every time? Or do you move from room to room, working wherever you sit down, not needing to do things the same way every time?

These are the interesting questions this workspace change is bringing to my mind today. I think I'll just sleep on it, those boxes will still be there where I left them tomorrow.

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