Monday, November 17, 2008

Every Move I Make

When the relocation to this city happened in 2006, it was a major move and the first six months were in tiny temporary housing, so a lot of things went into storage. The move from temporary housing into the current house was a logistical strategic enterprise coordinating emptying of storage units, retrieving large pieces from warehouse storage and relocation of the things in use at the temporary housing, making sure everthing didn't come at one time and then deciding what went where in the new location.

You wouldn't think so if you knew my history because of more frequent than usual relocations and moves, but I really dislike moving and the whole disruptive process. The only good side of it is the fresh start in the new location, the chance to re-evaluate how things are placed, where things are used in the new situation. Nothing clarifies what needs to stay and what to go than the question of whether to pack and move it or not.

All that being true, this current swap of two rooms in the same house has been very difficult to do. I feel like the tin man -'need oil can' ... stiff and sore. Hubby and I have moved what we can ourselves, swapping out libraries of programming books for jewelry making books. You know how heavy boxes of books are. And it's two flights of stairs for both sets to be moved. My poor knees! His poor back!

I know in the long run, when this is all done and everything is in place and all tidy again it will be a very good arrangement and we both will have an improved place to work and do our particular kind of creating.

But this has reminded me all over again how much I dislike moving. Really, really dislike it! I will just keep putting one box next to the other until it's all done, and look ahead toward the final goal.

Send me some energy vibes! I need extra right now ... and keep the extra-strength tylenol handy. Oh, my aching (fill in the blank with any body part)!


Fanciful Expressions said...

Just think of all the fun you'll have unpacking your stuff. That's the only thing that I've ever found that I like about moving. When you open each box it's like having a birthday party or Christmas and getting all the gifts! Unfortunately,the same can't be said about all the aches and pains.I'll keep trying to send enegy your way.

LLYYNN said...

You are so right about all of it, the fun of unpacking and the work of unpacking! They come together, and I'll be very glad when the last box is done. Thanks for the extra energy, I need every ounce!

EmandaJ said...

Hello Lynn. I hate, loathe, and despise [moving] with a white-hot passion of a thousand suns! I’m a bit of a hoarder and have trouble going though my stuff anyway, but to actually go though it, pack it in a box, and lug it somewhere different is just sooo overwhelming. However, it’s so great to walk into your new space for the first time and feel the creative energy. You’ll get through it in no time. Hang in there!!