Sunday, November 2, 2008

Falling Back and Looking Forward

What have I been up to lately? It's been a busy, wacky week. Today we got an extra hour of sleep, and I could sure use it.

I participated in an interview with a great wire and glass designer, Kerry Bogert on the Art Bead Scene blog. It was fun talking to her about her projects and publishing adventures, be sure to pop over and read about her and enjoy the sharing and creativity in her beautiful works.

Earlier this week during a half-awake stroll down a dark hallway at 5:00 a.m I startled the sleeping dog in the hallway by tripping, falling, breaking my glasses and scratching my face with the broken earpiece when I hit the floor - KA-BOOM! The dog yipped and squealed, I screamed and moaned, it was funny if it hadn't hurt so much.

I wanted a new pair of glasses but I didn't want this much excitement involved with it! Thankfully no broken bones, strains or shiners for me or the dog.

Now I turn on every light I pass around the house when I get up so early and start wandering around, to make sure there's no sleeping dogs anywhere around. I picked up my new glasses yesterday, the others were not fixable and couldn't be saved - but I'm going to attempt to solder them together and keep as working glasses. Save the new ones for going out in public.
Yesterday was my Saturday to do the Studio Saturday post for Art Bead Scene, if you want to see some funny comments (and leave one of your own, come on, we all have our stories to tell don't we) jump over there and read what's going on in my studio these days.

I was away from the studio yesterday at a beading 'play-date' with some other talented, creative folks. Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of some of the outcomes, it's fun and interesting to experiment with new processes and see how others are using the tools and what they come up with!

Today promises to be a quiet day with time in the studio, putting together some jewelry pieces and working on the surprise project for the charm / clasp / bead exchange. I have french bread in the bread machine, and pretty soon it will start making that great warm bread smell. YUM!

SURPRISE! - I've reduced prices in both shops and I'm giving FREE SHIPPING for the month of November to help you with your holiday shopping!

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LLYYNN said...

I took stock on Nov 1, 2008, of the distance the blog has come in a year's time. It took a little while from the time I started blogging until people were finding it. At that time, I really DID feel that I was talking to myself because no one had found the blog yet. I'm very pleased with the progress and the feeling of community.

You can see that things started to pick up after Heather Powers featured me in April, 2008. On Aug 8 there was a reference to my work on PolymerClayDaily and the hits spiked up for one day.

If you are a regular on the blog, stopping by to check on what's going on, I thank you for your interest from my heart!! You KNOW who YOU are!

Here are some statistics for the blog from 11/1/2007 - 11/1/2008:

9,238 visits
5,624 Returning
3,614 New
73 countries/territories

1.9 pages per visit
Avg time on site 2:52 min
39.12% new visits
25.17 visits per day average
19.33% direct
68.52% referred
12% search engines

April 2, 2008 - 38
Aug 8, 2008 - 494 visits - 973 Page Views
Feb 15, 2008 - Longest Average Time on Site - 21.54 min

Top referring sites:
Direct - 1,786
Lorelei - 1,009
Polymerclaydaily - 832
ArtBeadScene - 828