Friday, November 7, 2008

Looky Looky

I admit that I am easily distracted. At this moment that I'm adding this blog entry, I'm also packaging things to be sent out to folks who have found something they like on sale at one of the shops, I'm pasting paper onto a prepared 12x12 background for a blue-tinted paper collage, and I'm assembling the pieces I want to work on the next couple of days.

I'm never sure why I'm so active on so many things at once. That may be one reason that I like to work in 'mixed media' - because I like to work so many different ways all the time. I like photography, the fine arts like sketching, and also working with 3-D objects and glass. Whoa!

I used to think I'd be better to settle on one thing and just do that - only glass, or only metal. But I have way too much fun combining them, and I guess I have a restless mind and fidgety hands.

That's why, a lot of the time, I make things without a particular purpose in mind. A piece of metal, some beads. Melt some glass, wind some wire. And then I allow the pieces to sit on the workbench, or gather in a jar. Some I know I want to use right away, others I make and I'm not really sure what they will be.

And one day, I will just start pulling them together, and they seem to know what they were meant to be all along. I wish I could say I plan and sketch and do renderings - but it's more unconscious than that. They come together softly and slowly.

So I have this blue crowning glory beads, and some blue background paper, and some hand dyed blue cloth, ribbon and yarn. I suspect something blue is coming to visit my workbench!

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