Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lots Of Loot From Gifted Friends

Collaborations and Celebrations of Creativity

I just got some beads from Gaea. She makes the most fantastic ceramic beads. I just ask her for an assortment and it's such a wonderful surprise when they arrive.

Gaea is one of the participants in my charm/clasp/bead swap. All the packages with the swap items are arriving. It's going to be a great exchange, I can't wait to send them all out once everything arrives.

Don't you love the colors of these beads? I have a lovely time imagining what to make with them, and so far I have been just hanging onto them. But I promised myself that I will make some things with them. And wear them, enjoying the earthy colors and special crackled texture of the glazes.

They look very autumnal and seasonal, don't you think? I like the idea of combining them with glass beads, to contrast the earthy matte color of the ceramic beads with the shiny glossy surface of glass. But I don't know for certain just yet. It's a great inspiration to use the colors together. They look like the leaves changing color, the green-orange-yellow and some blue like the clear cool sky.

Gaea recently participated in a collaborative jewelry exchange with Lorelei and Heather, who are both also in the swap with me.

Here's a photo on the left from Lorelei's blog of the design she created using beads from Heather and Gaea. She has such great ideas on combining beads and making unique jewelry pieces. The lantern bead is Gaea's, I admire the color and the ingenious way that Lorelei used the bead as part of the clasp. Isn't that clever?

And Heather's collaboration pieces are beautiful, too. This necklace is like a charm necklace, with the beads used like a darling dangle on the double row of links. See the same lantern bead by Gaea in the center front? So fun to see how to use the same bead in different ways.

These folks are very gifted and talented, don't you agree? It's so fun to see how three different designers use the same beads, and how different and distinctive their results are, stamped with their own unique personal touches and vision. It's tough to pick a favorite among them. I like them all.

I also got some goodies from Patina Queen - metal and wire and brass, oh boy!
I snagged some antiqued brass wire from Heather at Patina Queen a while back and it's fantastic for making findings like hooks, and for wire wrapping.

So I had to get some more, when I found the chain. This antiqued brass chain with the vintage style hook closures was just too fun to resist. And the red bird charms had to come along for fun too.

She has all manner of findings, charms and doo-dads that add that little whimsical touch. I made some faux enamel rose earrings once, and as a dangle just added to each one a teensy brass honey bee. They were very sweet, and it was just the finishing touch those earrings needed.

The long thin antiqued brass headpins will be great to use to create a charm necklace, the darkened color works well with the antiqued brass wire and chain. I don't know why I'm so attracted to things that look old and vintage, but it catches my eye every time.

I want to try and see if I can drill a tiny hole in the flat end of the headpins, to attach a little dangle onto them. There are never enough dangles and glitzy touches when you're making earrings, at least that's what I think.

The green and blue patinaed birds, the lovely dragonfly, would be great combined with some of Gaea's greenish glazed ceramic beads.

I will keep them out on my workbench and let them congregate, maybe my eye and hand will start assembling them into a bracelet. Or earrings -- or both!

Did you notice the backgrounds in the photos? There is one that's mostly greenish, one with more blue, and one with quite a rosy look.

I mentioned that I've been creating paper in 12x12 sheets, doing collage and playing with color? These photos give you a little hint of some of the results as I prepare to make some greeting cards, some ATC (artist's trading cards) and a surprise project to celebrate 2009. Based on this little sneak peak, do you like them so far?


Lorelei said...

Hi Lynn!
First of all, THANK YOU for featuring my bracelet in your blog post today!
Looks like an awesome assortment from Gaea, I'm so jealous!! I loooove her work.
I LOVE Patina Queen too, and just ordered wire and several kinds of her new chain. Can't wait to get it.
But Now I have to go back, because the little red patinae birds need to come home to my house. LOVE THOSE!!
Hope you enjoy your sunday!

2 If By Sea said...

Oh Lynn, I love all your new goodies! Can't wait to see what you do with them.

Gaea said...

Thank you Lynn! A fun and colorful post! I have been hoarding my Patina Queen goods for ages! What a great stash. The back ground art is perfect! P.S. I got my rings yesterday and am going to post a pic soon!

thebeadedlily said...

I just adore the pictures on your blog Lynn! So I passed on a butterfly award to your blog:)

LLYYNN said...

The beads are in a little saucer now, and they look a lot like little candies - the pretty colors and round shapes. You know those candies you get at the holidays with the stripes and twists, that's what they look like to me.

I have decided that hoarding is a vice and the cure for it is sharing so I'm going to break into this stash and take the pledge - NO HOARDING! - LOL - cause we can always make room for new things in the stash, right?

Fanciful Expressions said...

So glad that you mentioned Patina Queen. I checked out her Etsy store and Wow! I have a buncha stuff coming my way now. I needed a little push for some insperation and that'll do the trick.
Your papers look great....