Friday, November 28, 2008

Very Curious Things


I posted earlier about 'A Charming Exchange' - a book I like to revisit often for inspiration.

Here's another book I own and can recommend, 'Altered Curiosities'.

The style and results of the art and sculptures are totally different from my own, but the ideas and instructions are very useful.

The book is by Jane Wynn, a versatile and ingenious person who likes things a little on the dark and spikey side. With some taxidermy, teeth and seamonsters thrown in for fun. Lots of rust and dust, too.

She has a great blog, and a series of workshop - tool - tutorial posts on her blog that are both interesting and a lot of fun to read. Especially check out the older posts for lots of background and tongue-in-cheek fun.

She seems to be continually experimenting, trying new things - and she is not afraid to document both the successes and the not-so-successful results. There are topics and things in her book that I would not think of doing myself, but I can translate the materials and processes to my own creative ideas.

Although I don't see myself usually working in three-dimensional sculptures and shrines like hers, tabletop size, I can picture the spirit and feeling translated into wearable pieces of jewelry. Little personal sculptures.

These two photos are of her fork-box jewelry, with her bezels and encased icons and objects.

So don't be scared off by the cover of the book, with the teeth, the octopus and the dis-embodied figures.

Take a look inside and if you're like me, you'll enter a world of free thinking creativity that will stretch your imagination, inspire and liberate you.


HINT Jewelry Design said...

Lynn, this book intrigues me. I love the doll head with the pin cushion on the cover. Haunting...

Well, I was graced with your wonderful gift yesterday :) Thank you for my lovely "One" pendant. It is so delightfully small and so intricately made. People, Lynn's stuff is amazing! I am already dreaming of a story about these 2 ladies (hmmm or is it one lady with two faces? We will have to wait and see).

I scrolled through your blog to realize, that you have been so busy and I feel that I have been away too long to have missed so much glorious information. Muchas gracias for your delicate sensibility with making this charm and sending all the other goodies with it. I'm honored :)

LLYYNN said...

Beth, I'm so happy it arrived safely and that you are pleased! I can't wait to hear the story that you give the two faces of the charm - for me that's part of the fun, coming up with a back story history to go with the images and words. Is it youth and old age, or maybe a mother and daughter, separated by a generation ... see? That's how it starts!

Blessings for the nice comments on the blog. It's fun and I hope informative and interesting. Have fun with the charm, let me know what you create with it!