Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Journey Not Destination

I make a lot of things, different kinds of things. Just whatever takes my fancy at a particular time.

Because I work a career that takes a lot of my week, my day and my energy, I try to keep my creative times free and loose.


Not just another form of work.

So that the hobby, the relaxation I find in creating, doesn't become another source of stress instead of the antidote to it.

When I have some un-fettered time, I grab it and spend the hours 'in the zone' doing things that are creative and satisfying. Sometimes that means experimenting with new possibilities. Or using a different media, something new to me.

Or just returning to something familiar to while away a few hours working with my hands, heart and mind on something that's been whispering in my ear, murmuring at the back of my mind. Try this! What happens when these things go together?

That time 'in the zone' goes faster than any other time spent doing anything else!

There are times when I come away with a handful of new things that are completed. And many other times when I have just a few that are not quite done, but looking like they have possibilities.

I try not to push myself, the exceptions being if I owe someone a custom order or if a magazine is waiting for photography for an article.

Otherwise, it's open ended and anything goes. That's why I find it so exciting and wonderful when someone else finds a use for something I've made, like these fine silver rings I made for Gaea a while back.

I think of a lot of things that I might do with them, but I'm always certain that someone else like Gaea will come up with a different, most beautiful design. And this time I'm right!

Isn't it fun and fabulous how she attached the fused, textured fine silver ring to the cord? And added the special little dangles? You can read the meaning and purpose of this necklace on her blog.

I'm simply thrilled that, in a secondhand kind of way, I had a little part in this creation.

And thankful that she shared it, so I could see! and show you ...


HINT Jewelry Design said...

I love Gaea's necklace! Of course, I've been putting off making some fused links for a project so now I'm inspired to get to work.

I also used your lovely pendant in a necklace that was based on the ideas of sisters. I posted her on my blog today. Hope you like how she turned out :)

Gaea said...

Your rings (all your work, actually) is so appreciated and loved! They really feel like the heart of the necklace and made them special. I am happy to report that I had more rings than necklaces to make and was able to keep some (oh! this feels so selfish) for myself! Thank you.

LLYYNN said...

Beth, I love the necklace you made, it's simply wonderful, I intend to post about it later this week. If you don't mind I might borrow one of your photos of the 'finished' version, it's lovely.

Gaea, I've got to start using your beads and stop just staring at them with great pleasure! The necklace I made with your beautiful beads (circling birds) went to a new home in Australia! I need to make a necklace for myself. And no, it's not selfish to enjoy something that makes you happy!

HINT Jewelry Design said...

Glad you like the necklace! Feel free to borrow any picture.

LLYYNN said...

Beth, I hope you'll be pleased with the post - you are so talented and your work is wonderful!