Monday, December 1, 2008

Zephyr Flights

The zephyr beads I made a while back are all gone, and I wanted to do something unique with the design and keep the zephyr flights going.

These little tiles are connector beads with the zephyr patterns and in some lovely colors.

These have four holes, one in each corner, but I also made some with five holes and some with three.

I'm having fun designing around these connectors. I can see them linked with oversized jump rings into a bracelet. Or with loops of seed beads through the holes in a necklace design. They are 3/4" square, a good size for a hanging pendant connector or two-strand pearl necklace focal bead.

The colors are coming out well from my earlier color experiments. I've learned to be consistent with the colors and these little beads are in matched pairs.

The colors are soft and subtle, like ancient mosaic tiles from an excavation, even the c
olorful versions, using the bird's egg blue, barnwood red and a bright dutch red color.

I'm going to make a necklace design using them, I thought about turning them on an angle so the top hole connects to the necklace and the other three holes have strands of beads or chains hanging from them. Simple, but contemporary.

I have some light chain and and heavy links that will work for this.

If you have ideas about how to create with these little connectors, give a reply to this post. I'll select one and send you a four-way connector bead to try out your ideas!


Kerry said...

You know me Llynn... I say wire link 'em together!! I am seeing a pretty cool looking square wire link in my mind to go with the square tiles. I love that blue glaze. Just yummy.

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Hi Lynn,

I'm throwing out some ideas - what about waxed cording? Or maybe some felted cording? Or what about Soft Flex and some pearls? Ooooo that would be pretty!

Linkingly yours,

lynn1231 said...

How about a whole different look with some leather cord and brass chain...

Awesome connectors!

EmandaJ said...

Ooh! Love the connectors. They are so pretty, I see them as a focal bead.

Visualize this: the red tile situated on point at the center of a long necklace of tiny coral tubes and from each of the bottom three holes dangles a tiny crystal bead and a 6mm round coral bead.

And I have all the supplies in my studio to make it up as soon as you send it to me when I win! ;^)


Joy said...

I'm seeing the Ming Blue three holed pieces with lots of copper wraps, thin copper chain and labradorite. Mmmmmmm....labradorite....

They're wonderful!

Lorelei said...

I think I would create a whole bracelet with them. I think they would look so awesome in numbers. All the colors one blending into the other and definitely linked together with darkened brass wire, and a handmade clasp!